Start from 35€

The northernmost capsule hotel in the world

15  minutes walk to Santa park and Santa Claus village

50  beds in 7 rooms, 1 family room,2 saunas, 1 kitchen

Camping service

We have a nice place for

camping and caravan.

Party Reservation

Here is a great place to have a party. We have kitchen, dining room, hot tube and saunas. You friends can stay overnight here.

Tour service


  • Icebreaker trip

  • Aurora hunting trip

  • Snowmobile safari

  • Reindeer safari

  • Huskey safari

  • Snow sauna

  • Day Tour in Rovaniemi

We offer Tour service

and Safari booking.

Ibed city hostel

Veistajantie 1

96910 Rovaniemi


+358 40 0538588

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